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General Air Solutions
Water Solutions
Safety Solutions
Room & System Solutions
(incl. VAV and room temperature controllers)
Bus & System Integration
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Products & Solutions

The complete product range (PDF – 1.9 mb)

General Air Solutions
Standard actuators and spring-return actuators for air control dampers in HVAC systems

The complete range of ventilation solutions (PDF - 876 kb)

Water Solutions
Control, shut-off and change-over valves for HVAC water circuits

Overview: Valve-actuator combinations (PDF - 6.1 mb)

Download SelectPro valve design program

Measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, CO2 and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) for outdoor, pipe and duct applications

Seamlessly integrated - The new sensor range from Belimo (PDF - 1 mb)

Why choose Belimo sensors?

Safety Solutions
Safety actuators for motorizing fire and smoke control dampers

Fire damper actuators – Selection and integration (PDF - 796 kb)

Room & System Solutions
Volumetric flow and pressure control for VAV and CAV units
System solutions for room comfort and fan control

Controlled room and zone ventilation - The complete product range (PDF - 2 mb)

Bus & System Integration
Parameterizing devices, tools and accessories for Bus and communication systems

Plug-in Downloads

Info brochure: Bus solutions from Belimo - The best connection (PDF - 5.4 mb)


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