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Products & Solutions

General Air Solutions
Standard actuators and spring-return actuators for air control dampers in HVAC systems

Water Solutions
Control, shut-off and change-over valves for HVAC water circuits

Safety Solutions
Safety actuators for motorizing fire and smoke control dampers

Room & System Solutions
Volumetric flow and pressure control for VAV and CAV units System solutions for room comfort and fan control

Bus & System Integration
Parameterizing devices, tools and accessories for Bus and communication systems

Replacement, Renovation, Modernisation

Pressure-independent 6-way zone valve.

Functional, easy to install, versatile.
The electronic pressure-independent 6-way zone valve from the Belimo ZoneTight™ product family combines the benefits of two tried and tested Belimo valves. The good planning reliability and efficiency of the electronic pressure-independent EPIV valve and the ease of installation of the 6-way characterised control valve. >>
The new fire damper actuators BFL and BFN with Safety Position Lock™.

Put your trust in the new generation of fire damper actuators with Safety Position Lock™. In the event of a fire, this new and patented solution reliably holds fire dampers in the safety position and is integrated as standard. >>
Belimo ZoneTight™. Compact, efficient, fail-safe.

Tight-sealing zone valves where space is restricted
Ideal solutions for energy-saving, unproblematic room and zone control in tight spaces are provided by the four valve series of the Belimo ZoneTight™ product range (QCV, PIQCV, 6-way zone valve and the electronic pressure-independent 6-way zone valve). >>
Pressure Independent Zone Valve PIQCV.

Compact, flexible and efficient.
The PIQCV (Pressure Independent Quick Compact Valve) from the Belimo ZoneTight™ product family is a pressure-independent characterised control valve which permanently supplies all heating and cooling elements with precisely the amount of water needed. >>
Compact zone valve QCV.

Robust, flexible, tight-sealing.
The space-saving QCV (Quick Compact Valve) from the Belimo ZoneTight™ product range is now available as a 2-way characterised control valve with a nominal diameter of DN 20 and also as a 3-way change-over ball valve with DN 15 and DN 20 nominal diameters. >>
Belimo Energy Valve™.
Know where the energy is going.

Now in Nominal Diameters DN 15 to DN 150

The Belimo Energy Valve™, which consists of a 2-way characterised control valve, volumetric flow metre, temperature sensors and an actuator with integrated logic, combines the five functions of measuring, controlling, balancing, shutting and monitoring energy into a single installation-friendly unit. >>
News & Events

Logistics Expansion Hinwil, Switzerland
Percorso Efficienza e Innovazione
MCE 2016, Milano / Italy

PIQCV / 6-way EPIV: Two Belimo
ZoneTight™ valves were awarded in this
year’s "Percorso Efficienza e Innovazione"
at MCE 2016.
Electronic Pressure
Independent Valve

EPIV receives ‘Highly Commended’ award for ‘Product Innovation’ at the Healthcare Estates Awards ceremony 2015 (UK)
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Bus & System Integration -
Device selection tool

Damper, fire protection and valve actuators as well as VAV Compact controllers & Room sensors in the comfort zone for MP bus applications.
Download Center
CAD files, CE Declarations of Conformity, tools and much more
SelectPro valve design program
Find the one that fits at the speed of lightning.
Clearly organized and always up-to-date.
VDI 3805
The standard for CAD and technical product data in Building Services
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Actuator selection tool for
General Air Solutions

Select your actuator according to parameters of your choice
PICCV Flow Limitation
The necessary settings to achieve the desired flow rate can now be calculated online.
MP wiring calculator
The MP wiring calculator calculates the requested power consumption to layout the transformer, as well the maximum cable length of 1 MP-branch.
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