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General Air Solutions
Water Solutions
Safety Solutions
Room & System Solutions
(incl. VAV and room temperature controllers)

Room comfort
Controllers for VAV / chilled ceiling systems, etc.
Room temperature controllers for ventilation of apartments
Heated / chilled ceiling controllers (6-way)

Volumetric flow
and pressure control
VAV-Compact, dynamic
VAV-Universal, dynamic
VAV-Universal, static
System solution
VAV control system for controlled apartment ventilation

Fan control
Fan Optimiser

VAV-Retrofit products
VAV-Retrofit documentation
Bus & System Integration
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Room & System Solutions

Room comfort
Complete room solutions with Belimo actuators for air, VAV and water applications, including single room controllers.

For implementing economical optimised stand-alone solutions, for individual room comfort and low energy consumption.

Controlled room and zone ventilation - The complete product range (PDF - 2 mb)

Volumetric flow and pressure control
Volumetric flow and pressure control for VAV and CAV units
System solutions for room comfort and fan control
- In the comfort zone
- In the laboratory
- Stand-alone solutions
- Integrated solutions with bus or conventional control
- Pressure control for Line and room pressure applications

Controlled room and zone ventilation - The complete product range (PDF - 2 mb)

Fan control
Optimiser system solution for controlling frequency converter controlled fans in VAV / CAV applications.

Controlled room and zone ventilation - The complete product range (PDF - 2 mb)

VAV retrofit sets and components
First aid kits for small or large VAV systems

Retrofit: Replacement, Renovation, Modernisation

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