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We are Belimo.

In addition to my work as Product Manager, I am part of the Comfort@Belimo committee, where we focus on the climate conditions in our own facilities. By installing Belimo products, we were able to improve working conditions in production and in the offices, and I could experience for myself what must be considered when using our products. This helps me as a Product Manager understand our customers even better and to respond to their requirements.
Katrin Blattner-Kempin
Product Manager at Belimo since 2017.
I was welcomed with open arms by my team from day one and my boss took a great deal of time to train me. Regardless of your position, at Belimo you can really approach every colleague without reservation and take time to exchange ideas.
The fact that I am able to make a positive contribution to our environment with my work and a big difference on a small scale makes my job all the more attractive.
Emanuel Mondgenast
Project Lead at Belimo since 2020.
The various tasks as Deputy Group Leader in Valve Assembly are unique. My responsibilities include planning the day and evening shifts, coordinating tasks and training new employees. And if we introduce a new laser system, as is currently the case, then I am there from the start and introduce the new work processes to my colleagues. I have known most of them for a long time and the mutual support is immense.
Jennifer Pirsoso
With Belimo since 2013 and Deputy Group Leader Valve Assembly since 2018.
I came to know Belimo as an external consultant and quickly realised that there was an incredible sense of belonging within the company. I have been part of the team since 2011 and currently responsible for the worldwide implementation of our online shop. In my job I have to find innovative solutions to simplify the work of my colleagues. I am still fascinated by the great trust and helpfulness that I was shown since my very first day.
Aquiles Dias Araujo
ICT Systems Engineer at Belimo since 2011.